Friday, September 10, 2010

Our blog has moved!!!

Hi Everyone

This is just a note to let you all know that our blog and our website have now been merged and you can go and see it all at

Thank you for your support and we hope to see you over at the new blogsite. :)

Friday, July 30, 2010

**New Phone Number**

After 4 days and literally hours spent on the phones trying to get our old number disconnected and re-diverted, we still haven't had any luck with setting this up.

If you have been trying to call and wondering why it is ringing out, it's because we have moved! The old number of 3892 1173 no longer works. Please call us on our studio number - 07 3891 1400.

We apologise for the inconvenience and hope that Telstra work out the issues at their end very soon.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tessa and Jamie - 22nd May, Glen Innes

Tessa and Jamie have one of the most amazing childhood sweetheart stories I have ever heard going back to when they were just three years old. Jamie's mum told the story so well and I particularly love the part of the story when she asked a nearly three year old Jamie who he wanted to invite to his birthday party, the first person he said was, "Tessa!". This is definitely a love that has grown over the years and become something special and now it's producing something even more special... a new member of the family is due in September!

I was originally booked in to shoot the wedding in October but plans were very quickly changed to May when Tessa found out she was expecting the pitter patter of little feet later in the year. It is a little chilly (freezing) in Glen Innes in May but wow it's a spectacular time of year. The light is just magical and creamy and with a fantastic couple like Tessa and Jamie who were happy to get out there and get the photos I was in photographer heaven. I had the wonderful Ange Boorman from Grafton working alongside me and she pulled off some super images also.

Tessa and Jamie, congratulations on your marriage and I can't wait to catch up with you next (and I hope you find out soon enough if you're having a little boy or a little girl.)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Liv and Ryan - May 15th

After a little break from working together it was nice to team up with Alex again for the wedding of Liv and Ryan. It was a simply stunning day for a wedding and we were really looking forward to getting into it.

We rocked up to The Byron at Byron Resort to shoot the boys who were all watching "Jerry Maguire" while getting ready. There was a moment when the whole room went quiet to let the classic line, "you had me at hello" sink in then we got stuck into the business of shooting a wedding. All the boys were relaxed and also looking forward to the day ahead.

The girls house was a hive of activity and Liv was practically glowing as we arrived to start shooting. There was a moment when we were photographing Liv and her sister Laura and neither of them could look at each other without crying. It was just so gorgeous to see a bond such as this between family members, they almost had me crying along with them.

Liv and Ryan had a simple but beautiful ceremony on the waterfront before we headed off for location photos. The light was fading fast but we grabbed some great shots before heading to the reception for the night ahead.

Thank you Liv and Ryan for having us as a part of your day. We loved being able to present you with your slideshow on the night and thank you for the absolutely super wedding cake that you sent us home with! Congratulations on your marriage and we look forward to cathing up with you soon.

Tracey and Brad - January revisted

I first posted this wedding back in January as a youtube link but I've decided that it needed to be revisted in a photo format as the video really didn't do the quality of the images justice.

This wedding was part of a fabulous week of wedding celebrations with Tracey and Brad's family and friends. When we were booked for the wedding we decided to pack up the family and make a holiday of it for ourselves also. All guests (and us) arrived at the caravan park excited for the festivites that were to come. There was a couple of days of preparation that had everyone buzzing.

The wedding was on a secluded beach and it was a perfect setting. The 4wd to get there was a lot of fun too. Tracey and Brad planned a great week for everyone and it all panned out perfectly.

It's a little after the event but congratulations again to Tracey and Brad. You definitely need to stop in and see us when you're in Brisbane next to see your photo on the wall at the studio. We love it. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Erin and Cameron - Engagement Shoot

When I headed out to location to meet Erin and Cameron, I was greeted by two gorgeous smiling faces who told me that they weren't big on having their photos taken.

Erin and Cameron rocked the shoot! Great people who have a real spirit and harmony between them (plus, they're hot!).

Bring on the wedding day...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Huge Weekend - Wedding Two - Stacey and Chris, 8th May

While Alex was in Brisbane shooting the three day wedding, I was flown to Canberra for the wedding of Stacey and Chris. From the moment I saw Stacey's smiling face at the airport I knew I was going to have a great weekend.

I arrived on the Thursday before her wedding and the first thing we did was head to a shopping center to buy me a decent jacket. Canberra was cold! I was expecting that, but being a Queenslander I don't own a lot of gear that's suited to very chilly temperatures. I found a jacket and Stacey then took me on a bit of a drive around to show me the sites and run a few last minute errands. Stacey talks... a lot. I got to hear all about the plans, the family, her gorgeous dogs Orson and Oi, her shoes, Chris's cufflinks that still hadn't arrived, her flowers... I loved it. Her excitement was contagious and I was just wanting to get into the job of shooting! It was all sounding like Stacey and Chris's day was coming together so perfectly.

That night, Stacey and Chris took me out for Kevin's Chinese - I was a little dubious heading into a place named, "Kevin's" to eat Chinese food but I shouldn't have been worried. I recommend the duck. The dinner was a good chance for me to sit down and chat to Chris and meet him properly and over dinner I got to see such a cute connection between Stacey and Chris and it was really heart warming. It's definitely a dinner I won't forget in a hurry.

The next day was full of errands for Stacey and I accompanied her on the trip (and the cufflinks arrived! Yay!). It was the first chance for me to get a look at the reception venue, Poacher's Pantry. On the drive out there I was getting excited at the gorgeous countryside we were driving through. I knew that I had to find a way to shoot out there because it was so beautiful and the autumn colours were magnificent. That night I dined with Stacey's mother, sister and partner, a couple of their very good friends and of course, Stacey. Another night of meeting wonderful people and having a great time out.

The wedding day started early as I arrived at Stacey's hotel just after breakfast to capture the first of the traditional ceremonies. The mother of the bride brushes the brides hair and prepares her for the day ahead. A short time later the hairdresser and make-up artists arrived and so did Robyn Geering who is a fab Canberra photographer who was helping me out for the day.

There were just so much that happened on this wedding day and amazingly, it all went off without a hitch! There was a Chinese tea ceremony, Stacey and Chris's dogs as ring-bearers, amazing scenery and delicious lighting conditions, an athletic Chinese lion dance, great food and lovely people.

Really, what more can a wedding photographer ask for?

Thank you so much Stacey, Chris and family for making me feel so welcome during my time in Canberra. I had a great time and I loved every minute of my stay and congratulations on your marriage.

Another big thank you to Robyn for heading out with me and doing a stellar job (particularly on all the detail photos) - you rocked it!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Huge Weekend - Wedding One - Abdul Rasheed and Arzina, 6th,7th,8th of May

We are so excited to be blogging the next two weddings as it was a huge weekend for both Alex and myself. I was off to Canberra to shoot a wedding that was including a lot of traditional Chinese ceremonies (will blog this wedding next) and Alex was shooting an Indian wedding over three days.

Abdul Rasheed, Arzina and Arzina's mother first met with Alex last year and they hit it off immediately. Alex was telling me about the meeting and I could see his excitement bubbling over back then. In the lead up to the wedding they had another appointment to discuss the different events happening at the wedding and Alex came home from the studio looking like a kid at a candy store... then he also told me that they were giving him curry for dinner. The way to a man's heart...

Alex enlisted the help of Fiona and Bec over the three days to make sure nothing was missed. With around 200 guests there was certainly lots of action to be captured! The colour and vibrancy of the wedding was truly beautiful and after it was all over, Alex told me about the fabulous people he met and said that it was one of the most warm and welcoming weddings he had ever attended (and he also loved the curry.)

Congratulations to Abdul Rasheed and Arzina on your marriage. We look forward to catching up with you soon.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sarah and Josh - 17th April

Sarah and Josh's wedding was one that we had been looking forward to for a while as we love a good Gold Coast wedding, however I was knocked out of commission the day before the wedding and Terence Kearns took my place for the day.

The girls all looked amazing and Sarah was radiant. The boys looked great and had a few laughs caught by the cameras... and the weather; it poured with rain. The trade off for the rain was that there was enough of a break in the weather to head out and get some shots with an amazing and colourful sky as a backdrop.

Congratulations to you Sarah and Josh on your day.

ps - and thank you to Terence for driving Alex home when he was just too sick to drive. You're a champion.

Sarah and Chad - April Fool's Day Wedding

April started off with a bang with the wedding of Sarah and Chad on April 1st. Alex again teamed up with Matt for this wedding and together they worked some magic.

Sarah and Chad live at New Farm and kept their wedding local with the ceremony in New Farm Park and the reception at The Powerhouse. This is definitely a wedding that had smiles all 'round and a whole lot of fun. Sarah and Chad also included a photobooth at the wedding reception for a few extra hijinx (all caught by Alex).

Congratulations Sarah and Chad!

Julie and Duane - 20th March

As much as a big wedding is fun, sometimes the smaller weddings have a wonderful intimacy about them that is just so special to be a part of. Alex and I were lucky enough to photograph Julie and Duane's day - an intimate wedding that was filled with mostly family who had travelled a long way to share their day with them.

It was a very relaxed group and heading out for the location photos was a lot of laughs. Nothing like a bridal party who are happy to ham it up for the cameras.

Thank you for having us as a part of your day and congratualtions on your marriage Julie and Duane.

Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane
Julie and Duane

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kylie and Matt - 13th February

In my catch up I got a little bit ahead of myself with the blogging!

Alex and our friend Matt headed out for the wedding of Kylie and Matt up Shorncliffe way. It's not often when you see a bride in red but it sure packs a punch! Kylie looked fantastic in a deep red dress with her maids in white and what a gorgeous day for a wedding.

Congratulations on your marriage Kylie and Matt.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hayley and Chris - 6th March

So while I was busy shooting a wedding down in Byron Bay, Alex and Serena photographed the wedding of Hayley and Chris out Manly way. The rain poured down for most of the day but the rewards were some awesome skies as a backdrop for some great photos.

We also had to include the photo of where the wedding dress was suspended before the bride stepped into it. A few people have asked, "What's with the ladder?", the answer is that one of the bridesmaids came up with a clever way to hang the dress without it touching the ground. All she needed was a ladder and some rope and it was perfect!

Congratulations to Hayley and Chris. We look forward to catching up with you soon.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Julie and Scott - 6th March

Alex and I split up on the 6th of March to shoot a wedding each. I was lucky to team up with the very talented Caroline from Mihaja Photography for the day and along with Julie and Scott we all had a ball at beautiful Byron Bay.

There was so much attention to detail and the whole day came together beautifully. The best bit was seeing how in love Julie and Scott are. I'd be about to say to them to have a little kiss and a cuddle and they were already there. Truly a case of only having eyes for each other.

Thank you to Julie and Scott for having Caroline and I as a part of your day and I can't wait to catch up with you soon. Congratulations!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Bec and James - February 2010

First, I have to make an apology to our blog readers but most importantly our very patient brides. Life has been hectic for us here at Savvy Studios and our blogging has fallen way behind. I hope to get back on top of it all and have a little catch up over the next couple of weeks.

The first cab off the rank in the catch up is the wedding of Bec and James. I can't begin to describe how much fun we all had with them... I believe it ended up with Bec nearly crash tackling me in a bear hug towards the end of the day (and Alex even has a photo of it). Just a truly fun and affectionate couple and teamed with perfect weather and the amazing locations everywhere we turned in the Hunter Valley, we were guaranteed some great shots!

The results speak for themselves. Alex and I both chose our favourite images from this wedding - one each - and entered them at the Qld Professional Photography Awards. Both images were awarded a silver which we are still pretty chuffed about.

Thank you Bec and James for having Alex and I down to the beautiful Hunter Valley to shoot your wedding. It was an absolute pleasure and I hope your family and friends overseas love the images as much as you do and as much as we do.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Come Celebrate With Us! Special Offer from Savvy Studios.

To celebrate our recent wins at the Qld AIPP awards* and the opening of our new studio space at Greenslopes, we invite you to take advantage of our special offer.

For an initial investment of just $45 you will receive a $350 credit towards products and services of your choice from Savvy Studios or Betty Boudoir.

With Mother’s Day around the corner there is no better time or reason to treat yourself or treat the one you love with a Savvy session. This offer is limited to the first 20 clients only with one lucky person being selected at random to be upgraded to a $1000 credit.

Sessions can be either in our studio or on location within the Brisbane Metro area and can be used for family portraits, child portraits, maternity, newborn, pets, couples or boudoir.

Contact the team at Savvy Studios for more information. This offer ends May 8th, 2010 so call TODAY.

3892 1173 or 0413 747 401

* Qld AIPP Awards results:

Alex; 1 gold, 2 silver distinctions and 4 silvers in the wedding and the portrait categories.

Alicia; 1 gold, 1 silver distinction and 4 silvers in the Illustrative, wedding and portrait categories. WINNER of Qld Illustrative Photographer of the Year.

Serena; 1 gold, 1 silver distinction and 4 silvers in the illustrative and portrait categories. WINNER of Qld Emerging Photographer of the Year. **Serena is the latest addition to the Savvy Studios team and with her natural rapport with animals look out for her amazing imagery when we launch our newest project later in 2010.**

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Savvy Studios Stellar Successes!

At this year's Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Queensland Division Awards, Savvy Studios experienced some of their greatest successes to date and scored not only, Emerging Photographer of the Year but also one of the more hard fought categories, Qld Illustrative Photographer of the Year.

Alex entered the Queensland event for his first time submitting eight images. He picked up an amazing seven awards including a Gold Award, two Silver Distinctions and four Silvers.

Our regular second shooter and star talent, Serena Hodson, also made a remarkable debut at the awards, entering six images and being awarded for all six prints! Serena picked up a Gold Award, one Silver Distinction and four Silvers. Serena went on to win, Qld Emerging Photographer of the Year, among some of the strongest entries the category has yielded to date. Serena has her own studio but look out for a new exciting project coming to Savvy Studios very soon that will feature Serena doing what she does best.

Like Alex, I also entered eight images and was awarded with seven. I ended up with a Gold Award, one Silver Distinction and five silvers and received the accolade of, 2010 Qld Illustrative Photographer of the Year. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the sponsor of the Illustrative Category, Photo Mounts and Albums.

The Epson AIPP Qld Awards received 545 entries from professional photographers across the state. The judging panel consisted of some of the top photographers within Australia and New Zealand. Over the weekend only three Gold Distinctions and ten Golds were awarded out of the 545 prints so we are thrilled that three of the golds were awarded to the photographers at Savvy Studios.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

News Just in from Las Vegas - Alicia WINS at WPPI!

A few weeks ago I sent of the entries for the WPPI awards in Las Vegas. The WPPI stands for 'Wedding and Portrait Photographers International' and the awards co-incide with the biggest trade show and convention for photographers anywhere in the world. So it's pretty much a huge event to be a part of.

I've never entered international awards but with alot of prompting from a photographer friend, I prepared an entry. Then I figured while I was at it, I'd throw in an entry from a concept shoot I photographed back in April last year. There was a perfect category for the photoshoot; Album non-wedding informal. This means the photos can be of anything that isn't a wedding and isn't an 'event' like a bah-mitzvah or christening etc. It's a very broad category.

The original entry has scored okay but it was the last minute entry that has left me absolutely STUNNED. I wasn't expecting much from it and my mind has been officially blown. On Monday I found out I had scored 94 out of 100 which was the highest score in the category, however this doesn't mean that I had it won. The three highest scoring albums have their scores wiped and are rejudged to decide first, second and third with the winners announced at a huge awards dinner.

One hour ago I received a call from the dinner and nearly fell off my chair! My album was FIRST PLACE! I had won the entire category! As you can imagine, I am still grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat. :D

Due to lots of questions about the album and the layout I have decided to post it here for viewing just as the judges have viewed it. Most of the images below are how you would view a double page spread in an album. The competition entry also states that you can show 'detailed' areas to draw the judges attention so there are some 'detail' images presented also.

Enjoy the album! (and yes, I'm still smiling :) )

Front cover

inside front cover
















detail (this little girl was just brilliant)


detail - The entire concept actually started with this boy. This is my oldest son, Ashley. He often gives me the same expression as he shows in this photo. I photographed him last year giving me this look and I wanted to find a way to showcase it. One thing led to another until I came up with the idea for this shoot. This image also earned a silver award at the 2009 Australian Professional Photography Awards last June.

Last page

A massive thank you has to go out to the kids from Junction Park State School who were so enthusiastic and positively threw themselves into these images. I couldn't have acheived this without their energy.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Boudoir Photography in Brisbane? Yes, we can!

In the past I have photographed a few very brief boudoir sessions with brides on their wedding day. The photos are for, "the groom's eyes only" so it's not really the sort of thing I can blog or show to other clients. This left me in a little quandry; I can shoot boudoir but I don't have the work to show other people so it's a little difficult for people to decide to book me to shoot their boudoir images.

So I made a decision - I was going to find a group of ladies who were all willing to let me shoot them in various styles and allow me to use their images to promote my boudoir work.

When looking for ladies for the shoot, I wanted women who were all different but still 'real'. Not all women are size eight, 6ft tall and blonde so it's not realistic for me to shoot models that look like this. I had six fantastic 'real' models lined up... then disaster struck. Three models called in late to say they couldn't make the shoot. After a last minute facebook campaign I found two stand-ins from my friends (Thanks Justine and Kirsty) and the last stand in had no idea she was going to model until she walked in the door. She was chaperoning another girl and I said to her, "Do you want to get your gear off?" and she answered, "YES!".

One large hotel suite, one hairdresser - the fabulous Lucinda, one make-up artist - my awesome friend Paula from Humankind, one photographer - me, and six lovely ladies.

Boudoir essentially means, "a woman's private room", so 'boudoir photos' can cover any sort of 'intimate' image of a woman. It's a broad genre that if handled poorly can come off looking trashy. I wanted to avoid that at all costs. First and foremost, I wanted the images ALL to be sexy without being tacky or tasteless

We all had a great night with lots of laughs. I got to play around with 'boudoir' in a variety of styles from dark and moody, to classic, to pin-up, to fun and cute (and even a nude photo thrown in).

A huge thanks goes to Katey, Kass, Johanna, Amanda, Justine and Kirsty. You were all amazing and lots of fun to work with.

**Viewer discretion advised**

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pheobe - Six Weeks Old

A few years ago I had a boss that I just couldn't work with. We started out on the wrong foot and it all went downhill from there. Suddenly, and it really was a bolt out of the blue, we found some common ground and the next thing you know, I am calling this boss one of my best friends.

Don't get me wrong, we still had issues working together but on a personal level things were great! Luckily I chose to leave that job but I still have my awesome friend.

Knowing Sandra the way that I do, I just couldn't imagine her being a mum. Not that I ever thought she'd be a bad mum; far from it! I just couldn't imagine a time in her life that she'd say, "Yep. I'm going to have a kid."

However fate often holds other plans for us and last year Sandra was surprised with an unexpected pregnancy and along came little Pheobe. Pheobe was born on Christmas eve and she is truly one of the most divine babies I've ever photographed.

And Sandra is an awesome mum!

To my gorgeous friend. You've kept me sane many times in the past and I know I don't get to see you as often as I would like but I just want to let you know that I appreciate your straight talking, no-nonsense demeanour... even if I didn't like you being my boss.

You cooked a beautiful baby and these photos are a gift from me for all the times you have been a wonderful friend. Congratulations on the birth of such a perfect baby girl and I hope you like these photos.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jo and Richard - 16th of January

After Alex shot Jo and Richard's engagement session he came home and immediately said, "These guys are awesome! They're going to be alot of fun on their wedding day."

Even with a huge upheaval to personal circumstances just prior to the wedding, both Jo and Richard were radiant and only had eyes for each other. I think their smiles just light up their images in every shot. Jo's dress was amazing and Richard looked rather dapper and together they were perfect.

Congratulations to you both Jo and Richard and we can't wait to catch up with you soon. We hope you enjoy this little peek at your images.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jacinda and Cliff - 6th of February

Jacinda and Cliff decided to rent a gorgeous private residence in the Gold Coast hinterland as the location of their wedding ceremony and reception. The home was stunning and the location was truly magnificent however, there is one things that the Gold Coast hinterland has plenty of; and that is rain.

Alex tells me this is the wettest and foggiest wedding he has ever shot at. There were a few quick dashes outside for photos when the rain eased but for most of the day it was pouring.

And there's nothing wrong with that! Rain adds something magical to the mood of the photos. Beautiful people, beautiful location, great atmosphere provided by low lying cloud then fireworks to top it off. It doesn't get any better!

Congratulations on your marriage Jacinda and Cliff. We hope you enjoy this peek at your wedding images.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Newest Little Nephew...Welcome to Caleb

A few weeks ago I dragged my brother and my sister-in-law out for a maternity session. It's only natural that this is followed up with a newborn session.

I was going to be at the birth to take photos, but Caleb had other ideas and arrived a little too fast for me to even be called. Great news for his mum but not so great news for me. I'll have to camp out on their lawn the next time they have a little one.

So here is little two and a bit day old Caleb. Gorgeous and a little cross-eyed.


Caleb's newborn images

Caleb's newborn images

Caleb's newborn images

Caleb's newborn images

Caleb's newborn images

Caleb's newborn images

And because I'm a typical big sister and every photoshoot needs an out-take...

"What is this little crying thing?!"

what is this crying thing?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Levi's Newborn Session

Michelle had been to see me for her maternity photos and I have to admit I was a little excited to meet baby Levi.

He was simply beautiful and at nearly 6 weeks old he was very strong and also very curious about everything that was happening.

Welcome to the world little Levi!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Katie and Michael - Hunter Valley - 10th January 2010

Our working holiday took us even further south to the beautiful Hunter Valley region of NSW. Michael was getting ready with the boys at his family home and it was great to see the comraderie between him and his brother. Michael's parents were also fantastic and we even managed to convince them to bring out their wedding album for a little look. It was brilliant and made the perfect backdrop to the shot of the wedding rings together (and mum and dad were a bit of alright too).

After a few laughs with the boys and meeting the horses, it was time to meet up tiwh the girls. It was a very hot day in the Hunter Valley so at the point we arrived the girls were taking refuge under the airconditioning. Katie looked stunning and the girls finished it all off by surprising Katie with the gift of an inscribed silver bangle. As we headed outside we all took notice of a massive storm front that was rapidly climbing the ranges. It provoked a few looks of, "uh oh - it's going to rain"; but for us it became a great opportunity for unique bridal shots.

St Patrick's church in Cessnock is easily one of the most quaint churches we have been into; and lucky for us we have another wedding there in a couple of weeks! The grounds are beautiful and the church itself has a very intimate ambience. It really was the perfect backdrop for Katie and Michael's ceremony.

After the ceremony we shot some photos in the church gardens and it really was like Katie and Michael were 16 year old teenagers who had just started dating. Several times we were about to ask them to kiss and we didn't have to; they were already well ahead of us! Needless to say, we have lots and lots of photos of them kissing and looking at each other with puppy dog eyes.

The reception was held at the Hunter Resort where the food was great and we got to party on a bit and take some photos of the very enthusiastic first dance (and more). The first dance was a lively number for sure. Katie and Michael lit up the dancefloor!

Congratulations on your marriage Katie and Michael and we hope you like your sneak peek!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Jodie and Scott - 19th December 2009

Our final wedding of 2009 is also going to be the biggest blog post of 2009!

If a few of you think the groom looks a little familiar, it's probably with good reason. Scott was a regular on channel 10, but he now has his own videography and production company that you can check out at

We first met Scott when he was the videographer at the wedding of Bec and Chris back in October and he booked us a few days later.

This wedding was a wedding full of the good stuff. Lots of emotion, a relaxed bride and groom, great family and uh-maz-ing attention to detail. I had a very difficult time trying to select the photos to blog as there were so many directions I could go. Do I show the emotion? The radiant bride? The huge storm that thundered in? All the details... ah! I'll show them all!

There were a few tense moments getting Jodie into her dress. Jodie's mother is the head of fashion at QUT and the dress was designed and made just for Jodie. It was a stunning and heavily beaded and textured vintage style dress. Jodie's mum had a fall in the weeks leading up to the wedding and had broken her arm so the dress production fell slightly behind. Beads were still being madly sewn onto the dress on the morning of the wedding and Jodie also ended up being sewn into the dress when it came time to put it on. Unknown to Jodie, the little detailed heart with her and Scott's names embroidered onto it was sewn into the dress as Jodie's something blue. It was a lovely finishing touch.

While Jodie was getting ready inside her mother's house (conveniently located next to the church grounds where the wedding was planned), Scott was outside doing a little "go-away-rain dance". The wedding was to be held on the lawn of the church and the seating had all been set up and decorated with some gorgeous cards that were made by Jodie's school students. They had the familiar school yard taunt written on them:

Jodie and Scott
Sitting in a tree
First comes love
Next comes marriage
Then comes the baby in the baby carriage

The cards were great but unfortunately Scott's dance wasn't successful and as the heavens opened, plans were hastily changed to have the ceremony inside the church instead.

The ceremony itself was touching and it was great to hear people speaking with such heart. It turns out that Jodie encouraged a student to contact Scott through a channel 10 program and this is how they ended up meeting. It's certainly a unique, 'how we met' story. The student who wrote to Scott was a very eloquent speaker during the ceremony. It was a lovely touch.

Lots of rain meant that we couldn't get all the photos that we like to get but it also means that we had to think of other ways to photograph them on their day. We had a little bit of time to get them outside without umbrellas and we worked as quick as we could to get the shots.

Then when we thought it was all over, Jodie said, "I'd like to get some photos out the back of the house. There's a pile of dirt down there." Alex and I looked at each other and thought of all the mud but hey, if a bride is keen to get out in the dirt on a rainy day, then we are happy to shoot it!

The biggest problem ended up being Jodie sinking into the dirt so we brought out a couple of chairs to pose them on. Jodie's vintage styling meant that it was the perfect time for a very old school serious photo. The rest of the series in front of the dirt pile was the result of the wedding guests cheering Scott on to make some moves, and Scott getting creative.

We likey!

Thank you to Jodie and Scott for ending our 2009 with such an awesome wedding. We had a whole lot of fun and we hope you love your photos...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Are You Being Served? - October 1st, 2nd and 3rd are now available!!

Sometimes unexpected things happen and this time it is the pitter patter of little feet.

No, Alex and I aren't expecting (four children is enough), but one of our lovely couples who has booked their wedding with us for October has just announced they are having a baby in September. This means that they have decided to push their wedding forward to May leaving the first weekend in October available for me to shoot!

Tessa and Jamie's wedding was going to be in Glen Innes which meant that I was unable to shoot for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October as I had to include my travel time there and back... wow, we have knocked back so many weddings for these three dates! However, this could be good fortune for someone else.

Friday the 1st, Saturday the 2nd and Sunday the 3rd of October are now available! Don't miss out on these dates as they are sure to fill fast.

Oh, and a huge congratulations to Tessa and Jamie on the impending bundle of joy! Can't wait to see the cute little baby bump when I shoot your wedding in May.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Maternity Photography - My Brother and My Gorgeous Sister in Law.

I come from large family and I'm the middle of five children. I have an older brother and sister and two younger brothers. My 'baby' brother has always been my favourite even though he's eight years younger than me.

Well my brother is all grown up and a proud member of Australia's Armed Forces. And he has a gorgeous fiance named Sarah who is due to give birth at any moment.

So about three weeks ago, I dragged them out to one of my favourite locations on the Gold Coast to shoot a maternity session (to a place that also happens to be one of my favourite places in the whole entire world). I had lots of ideas that I wanted to try out but the weather was against us and we lost a fair chunk of time sheltering from the rain under a tree.

We did manage to get some of the photos I wanted though... and the advantage of the clients being family means that I could edit them any way that I wanted to! I love it when I'm given free artistic range, although I still tried to keep it simple.

So here are the images from our very short session on a stormy, rainy and windy day. Thanks also to Serena for coming along and helping me on the shoot! I couldn't have done it without you.

Keep an eye out in the coming days for a new 'birth' slideshow. Sarah is letting me in the room to photograph the entry of her little man. It's bound to get a little emotional. Can't wait.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Susannah and Leon - 28th November 2009

It was a hot and humid morning as we set off for the wedding of Susannah and Leon. The sort of day that you just want to laze around in air conditioning drinking ice cold drinks. However we had a wedding to shoot and what a great wedding it was.

It was clear that Susannah had put alot of thought into the little touches and all the blue offset everything perfectly. Everything felt so bright and happy even though there were times when we felt like wilting in the heat. Susannah wisely stayed in front of the air-conditioning while preparing for her big day.

The wedding was at the City Tabernacle Baptist Church on Whickham Terrace. This is a church that I have loved and admired for years but have never been inside of and what a stunning church it is. We met the boys here and took a few shots of Leon on the steps at the back of the church that lead down to the basement levels. The light that flows into the church is amazing and I felt like it was making everyone radiate positivity. Leon was all smiles while waiting for Susannah to arrive... and she did arrive, early! She was sent to do a couple of laps around the block while the rest of the guests took their seats.

Being a typical Queensland day, you know that if it's hot and humid in the morning, you can expect a thunderstorm as the day moves along and the thunderstorm hit just as we were due to start shooting the location images. However we also know that in Qld, these types of storms are short lived and sure enough, the storm moved on but left the day slightly cooler with perfect overcast skies.

Susannah and Leon, congratualtions on your marriage and we hope you enjoy your sneak peak.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Deb and Cos - 14th November 2009

Things are still hectic here so I hope to do a big catch up over the next day or so.

Today we are blogging the wedding of Deb and Cos. Deb used to work with Alex back in his days at Virgin Blue but now Deb and husband, Cosimo, own the absolutely gorgeous, Couture Cupcakes at Bardon. Deb provided the most awesome cupcakes for our own wedding back in April after a last minute stuff up with the people we originally booked. If you want the most delectable cupcakes around with great service, go see Deb and Cos!

The wedding day was a big affair with many members of Cosimo's family flying in from Italy. We started the day with the bride and very soon the house was packed to the brim with bridesmaids and Deb's family and a visit from Cos's family before the wedding. There were many hugs and kisses to a truly radiant bride and before long it was off to St Stephen's Cathedral for the ceremony.

The boys looked very cool in their suits but spent a few nervous minutes waiting for the bride who was fashionably late.

After the ceremony we headed to Teneriffe for the location photos. This location is very popular for wedding photos but it has a little more significance for Deb and Cos because it also happens to be the street they live on.

We all headed off to the reception at Victoria Park Golf Club which was marvellous as usual. We put together a same night slideshow for Deb and Cos that brought out tears, smiles and pure joy.

Thank you to Deb and Cosimo for allowing us to be a part of such a great day and we can't wait to see you again soon.

P.S. When Deb came to pick up her proof photos yesterday she delivered a scrumptious gift. Thanks for the delicious cupcakes Deb!

Cupcakes! Nom nom nom!

Cupcakes! Nom nom nom!

Cupcakes! Nom nom nom!

This next one did have a little chocolate stick on top but my ten year old son claimed it...
Cupcakes! Nom nom nom!

Cupcakes! Nom nom nom!

Cupcakes! Nom nom nom!