Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tracey and Brad - January revisted

I first posted this wedding back in January as a youtube link but I've decided that it needed to be revisted in a photo format as the video really didn't do the quality of the images justice.

This wedding was part of a fabulous week of wedding celebrations with Tracey and Brad's family and friends. When we were booked for the wedding we decided to pack up the family and make a holiday of it for ourselves also. All guests (and us) arrived at the caravan park excited for the festivites that were to come. There was a couple of days of preparation that had everyone buzzing.

The wedding was on a secluded beach and it was a perfect setting. The 4wd to get there was a lot of fun too. Tracey and Brad planned a great week for everyone and it all panned out perfectly.

It's a little after the event but congratulations again to Tracey and Brad. You definitely need to stop in and see us when you're in Brisbane next to see your photo on the wall at the studio. We love it. :)


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