Friday, July 30, 2010

**New Phone Number**

After 4 days and literally hours spent on the phones trying to get our old number disconnected and re-diverted, we still haven't had any luck with setting this up.

If you have been trying to call and wondering why it is ringing out, it's because we have moved! The old number of 3892 1173 no longer works. Please call us on our studio number - 07 3891 1400.

We apologise for the inconvenience and hope that Telstra work out the issues at their end very soon.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tessa and Jamie - 22nd May, Glen Innes

Tessa and Jamie have one of the most amazing childhood sweetheart stories I have ever heard going back to when they were just three years old. Jamie's mum told the story so well and I particularly love the part of the story when she asked a nearly three year old Jamie who he wanted to invite to his birthday party, the first person he said was, "Tessa!". This is definitely a love that has grown over the years and become something special and now it's producing something even more special... a new member of the family is due in September!

I was originally booked in to shoot the wedding in October but plans were very quickly changed to May when Tessa found out she was expecting the pitter patter of little feet later in the year. It is a little chilly (freezing) in Glen Innes in May but wow it's a spectacular time of year. The light is just magical and creamy and with a fantastic couple like Tessa and Jamie who were happy to get out there and get the photos I was in photographer heaven. I had the wonderful Ange Boorman from Grafton working alongside me and she pulled off some super images also.

Tessa and Jamie, congratulations on your marriage and I can't wait to catch up with you next (and I hope you find out soon enough if you're having a little boy or a little girl.)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Liv and Ryan - May 15th

After a little break from working together it was nice to team up with Alex again for the wedding of Liv and Ryan. It was a simply stunning day for a wedding and we were really looking forward to getting into it.

We rocked up to The Byron at Byron Resort to shoot the boys who were all watching "Jerry Maguire" while getting ready. There was a moment when the whole room went quiet to let the classic line, "you had me at hello" sink in then we got stuck into the business of shooting a wedding. All the boys were relaxed and also looking forward to the day ahead.

The girls house was a hive of activity and Liv was practically glowing as we arrived to start shooting. There was a moment when we were photographing Liv and her sister Laura and neither of them could look at each other without crying. It was just so gorgeous to see a bond such as this between family members, they almost had me crying along with them.

Liv and Ryan had a simple but beautiful ceremony on the waterfront before we headed off for location photos. The light was fading fast but we grabbed some great shots before heading to the reception for the night ahead.

Thank you Liv and Ryan for having us as a part of your day. We loved being able to present you with your slideshow on the night and thank you for the absolutely super wedding cake that you sent us home with! Congratulations on your marriage and we look forward to cathing up with you soon.

Tracey and Brad - January revisted

I first posted this wedding back in January as a youtube link but I've decided that it needed to be revisted in a photo format as the video really didn't do the quality of the images justice.

This wedding was part of a fabulous week of wedding celebrations with Tracey and Brad's family and friends. When we were booked for the wedding we decided to pack up the family and make a holiday of it for ourselves also. All guests (and us) arrived at the caravan park excited for the festivites that were to come. There was a couple of days of preparation that had everyone buzzing.

The wedding was on a secluded beach and it was a perfect setting. The 4wd to get there was a lot of fun too. Tracey and Brad planned a great week for everyone and it all panned out perfectly.

It's a little after the event but congratulations again to Tracey and Brad. You definitely need to stop in and see us when you're in Brisbane next to see your photo on the wall at the studio. We love it. :)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Erin and Cameron - Engagement Shoot

When I headed out to location to meet Erin and Cameron, I was greeted by two gorgeous smiling faces who told me that they weren't big on having their photos taken.

Erin and Cameron rocked the shoot! Great people who have a real spirit and harmony between them (plus, they're hot!).

Bring on the wedding day...