Friday, January 29, 2010

Jodie and Scott - 19th December 2009

Our final wedding of 2009 is also going to be the biggest blog post of 2009!

If a few of you think the groom looks a little familiar, it's probably with good reason. Scott was a regular on channel 10, but he now has his own videography and production company that you can check out at

We first met Scott when he was the videographer at the wedding of Bec and Chris back in October and he booked us a few days later.

This wedding was a wedding full of the good stuff. Lots of emotion, a relaxed bride and groom, great family and uh-maz-ing attention to detail. I had a very difficult time trying to select the photos to blog as there were so many directions I could go. Do I show the emotion? The radiant bride? The huge storm that thundered in? All the details... ah! I'll show them all!

There were a few tense moments getting Jodie into her dress. Jodie's mother is the head of fashion at QUT and the dress was designed and made just for Jodie. It was a stunning and heavily beaded and textured vintage style dress. Jodie's mum had a fall in the weeks leading up to the wedding and had broken her arm so the dress production fell slightly behind. Beads were still being madly sewn onto the dress on the morning of the wedding and Jodie also ended up being sewn into the dress when it came time to put it on. Unknown to Jodie, the little detailed heart with her and Scott's names embroidered onto it was sewn into the dress as Jodie's something blue. It was a lovely finishing touch.

While Jodie was getting ready inside her mother's house (conveniently located next to the church grounds where the wedding was planned), Scott was outside doing a little "go-away-rain dance". The wedding was to be held on the lawn of the church and the seating had all been set up and decorated with some gorgeous cards that were made by Jodie's school students. They had the familiar school yard taunt written on them:

Jodie and Scott
Sitting in a tree
First comes love
Next comes marriage
Then comes the baby in the baby carriage

The cards were great but unfortunately Scott's dance wasn't successful and as the heavens opened, plans were hastily changed to have the ceremony inside the church instead.

The ceremony itself was touching and it was great to hear people speaking with such heart. It turns out that Jodie encouraged a student to contact Scott through a channel 10 program and this is how they ended up meeting. It's certainly a unique, 'how we met' story. The student who wrote to Scott was a very eloquent speaker during the ceremony. It was a lovely touch.

Lots of rain meant that we couldn't get all the photos that we like to get but it also means that we had to think of other ways to photograph them on their day. We had a little bit of time to get them outside without umbrellas and we worked as quick as we could to get the shots.

Then when we thought it was all over, Jodie said, "I'd like to get some photos out the back of the house. There's a pile of dirt down there." Alex and I looked at each other and thought of all the mud but hey, if a bride is keen to get out in the dirt on a rainy day, then we are happy to shoot it!

The biggest problem ended up being Jodie sinking into the dirt so we brought out a couple of chairs to pose them on. Jodie's vintage styling meant that it was the perfect time for a very old school serious photo. The rest of the series in front of the dirt pile was the result of the wedding guests cheering Scott on to make some moves, and Scott getting creative.

We likey!

Thank you to Jodie and Scott for ending our 2009 with such an awesome wedding. We had a whole lot of fun and we hope you love your photos...


  1. Beautiful photos Alicia. The storm certainly made for some stunning shots though.

  2. Great narrative and I love the colors from the set! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Alicia, these are incredible!! What a stylish couple - the bride is so cute! From the photo of the church outside with that amazing sky to the end - just a delight to watch.

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

    You should submit this wedding to - I think they'd go crazy over her dress.

  4. Great shots so glad we were there in person to see you two get hitched you will have these photos forever to remind you of this fabulous day:)

  5. That was great! I need to start doing slideshows! Amazing work! :)

  6. Whoa, I love that image of the Church !! Awesome. Your coverage of the Boys is really good !!

    And then that dress... O.M.G!! Are you serious, that is just all kinds of gorgeous!!

    And things only got better from there!! Amazing images and the perfect end to 2009!! Well done!

  7. FAN.TASTIC! The dress, the venue, the weather, but most of all your images captured all of the beauty so well. If I had to pick a favorite, the dirt-hill series may be it. Such a range!