Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sarah and Josh - 17th April

Sarah and Josh's wedding was one that we had been looking forward to for a while as we love a good Gold Coast wedding, however I was knocked out of commission the day before the wedding and Terence Kearns took my place for the day.

The girls all looked amazing and Sarah was radiant. The boys looked great and had a few laughs caught by the cameras... and the weather; it poured with rain. The trade off for the rain was that there was enough of a break in the weather to head out and get some shots with an amazing and colourful sky as a backdrop.

Congratulations to you Sarah and Josh on your day.

ps - and thank you to Terence for driving Alex home when he was just too sick to drive. You're a champion.


  1. The groomsmen's shorts are hilarious! This looks like it was a super fun wedding and the skies look awesome! I love all of the colors in the clouds for the last shot. You are a rock star.

  2. gaaahahahaaa, great groomsmen shots! And what a stunning bride. I love her look. And your images with the lighting are beautifully executed. One of these days, I'm going to have to try play with lighting some if it's going to help me get images like these!

  3. SO COOL! :) you are awesome, alicia! :)