Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Savvy Studios - Kim and Paul

On Saturday Alex photographed the wedding of Kim and Paul and what a great day it was. Just one day earlier it was pouring with rain and it looked as though it was going to be a wet weekend. During the final confirmation phone call with the couple on Friday night, Alex reminded them to have umbrellas ready 'just in case'.

Luckily they weren't needed as Saturday ended up being a glorious day. The ground was a little too wet for the wedding to be held outdoors as planned but that didn't stop the location photos. It was a wonderful day with both Greek and Maori cultures coming together to celebrate Kim and Paul's wedding.

Congatulations to Kim and Paul. A very relaxed couple with a loving and supportive family that made taking photos so enjoyable.

Ceremony and reception were held at Shangri La Gardens, Wynnum. Location photos at Manly.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Savvy Studios - Competition Winners; Drumroll Please...

Alex and I would like to thank all the wonderful people we had the chance to meet at the Gold Coast Bridal expo today. Even though our stand ended up in a rather tight area, we still had a great response and much interest. If you are considering booking us for your wedding photography, we strongly suggest coming and visiting us for an appointment as soon as possible as we have already filled some dates for 2009 just from our day out talking to people today.

Now the news that many are waiting for, the winners of the major prize on offer from Savvy Studios. We had over 240 entries today and a few of the entrants were also lucky enough to win some big prizes in the Lucky Dip draw. However the major prize is a wedding photography package valued at $2895 and includes full coverage of the day from the bride and groom getting ready through to the first half hour of the reception, a 10 page/20 side black leather bound wedding album and much more.

The $2895 wedding package winner is : Melissa Lambert who has a wedding date in July 2009.

A huge congratulations to Melissa, we look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss all the exciting plans for your day.

There are also ten runner up prizes valued at $250 each. The winners of the runner up prizes are:

Jasmine Foster - December 09
Casie Winkler - October 09
Rebecca Payne - September 09
Jackie Amalfi - February 09
Jodie Baker - July 09
Nick Francis - October 09
Wendy Rogers - January 09
Sharee Herbert - May 09
Melinda Goodwin - November 09
Haley Guy - July 09

Again we would like to thank everyone for their support. We will be in touch with all winners over the next couple of days via email or post. However feel free to contact us sooner if you wish.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Savvy Studios - We are finally on Facebook!

A few of our brides have asked if we have a facebook page and after months of requests, we finally decided to do something about it and have signed up to Facebook.

For those who wish to connect, this is the link:

Facebook Link Click Here

We hope to see you there soon! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Savvy Studios - Trash The Dress

Forums have been going mad over the last couple of days with a whole lot of trash the dress talk. A couple of already booked brides have even called and asked if we do trash the dress. The answer is YES.

All the talk was sparked by a human interest article telling the world all about Trash the Dress. Click here to read the article. All in all, what TTD really comes down to is stepping outside the square, doing something you wouldn't normally do and having a whole lot of fun doing it.

The images below were taken at a recent TTD shoot. A very brave bride on a very cold morning.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Savvy Studios - Photos For Charity and the Other Things We Do

Recently we were asked if we would donate our twin babies and our photographic services to a greater cause... SIDS and Kids Qld. SIDS is a very serious issue and with two young babies we are always aware of the risks of incorrect sleeping methods. There are many things parents can do to reduce the risk of death for their little ones and with research discovering new things all the time, hopefully SIDS will one day be a thing of the past.

SIDS and Kids Qld needed a set of twins to photograph to show how to sleep them correctly in the same cot. We were happy to oblige and donate photographic services also.

Little Ewan and Angus are now the new twin-sleeping poster kids. The posters will be printed and put into hospitals throughout Queensland.

Last weekend we were invited to photograph the Cocker Spaniel Club of Qld's championship show. I have been showing dogs all my life and was asked to come along and take the photos as a favour. The night prior to the show, the club held a fundraising dinner with items going to auction. Savvy Studios donated a studio photo shoot for two dogs... and it ended up being one of the more hotly contested items on the agenda and sold at auction for the full value. That was a pleasant surprise and I am sure the successful bidder will love her photos.

By the end of the night and after a few drinks, Alex got into the spirit of things and bid on Cocker Spaniel salt and pepper shakers and a Cocker Spaniel jigsaw puzzle. We won both of them. Sad to say though, I didn't realise the shakers were wrapped in a blanket and when we arrived home I dropped one and broke its foot. Hopefully it will repair easily. These shakers are the ugliest things ever but a nice reminder of a good night out and a couple of drinks too many.

On the day of the show, all the dogs looked fabulous and it ended up being a great day. Not too hot, not too cold and many happy exhibitors. Photos should be uploaded to the viewer later today.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Savvy Studios - The Recent APPA's

Well PMA and the APPA's have come and gone again. This year it was all held in Bris Vegas so we were fortunate enough to be able to go along and check out some new toys and watch a little of the judging of the photography awards.

Alex entered the awards for the first time and did quite well with the following two (out of four) prints.

This photo was captured in the hallway of the hotel where the lovely Zoe was getting ready. Where possible, we try to use available light sources rather than flash and Zoe was posed under one of the downlights in the hall. We loved the vintage feel and the femininity of the resulting image and thought it might fare well at the awards. It did... scoring 80 out of a possible 100 to attain a silver award.

This next image was entered in the wedding documentary category. The father of the bride is blind after having survived a stroke two years earlier. Alex captured this during the vows; dad crying, unable to see his beautiful daughter on her wedding day, with mum looking on. This touching image scored 85 out of 100 to attain a silver award with distinction.

The other two entries shown below were unlucky and just missed out on silver awards, scoring in the high 70's.

Coming up next: Some of our charity work and supporting a local club

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Savvy Studios - Alex's Favourite Images

The first of Alex's favourite images was taken in Melbourne off Little Lonsdale Street. Alex was just wandering the streets with his camera (as he ocassionally does) and happened to stumble across this scene full of vibrant colours and textures down a little alley way. With no photoshop work, this image stands out time and again for it's strong composition in such a simple setting.

This next image was photographed at a wedding in Adelaide, on Blythe Street, just off Hindley Street. At first the bridal party were reluctant to follow Alex as the alley way he was heading down was a bit grungy. They did follow however, and ended up with a stunning series of photos with interesting and funky backdrops. Alex has a great ability to see potential where others see nothing. This image is a firm favourite with many clients and also with us both; simple composition, stylish and elegant. Timeless.

The third of Alex's favourite images is more personal in nature. It is a photo of our greatest production ever... our twin boys, Ewan and Angus. The photos were taken on Mother's day this year and we just can't stop looking at them. Babies change so much in a short space of time and already they are completely different. We treasure this image of them both so tiny and fragile and know it will always be a favourite no matter how many more images come along. This is a sentiment we also hope to echo for all our clients .

Coming up next: Alex's competition images from the recent APPA awards.