Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Savvy Studios - Wedding of Bron and Jarod, August 23rd 2008.

After a fortunate meeting at Brisbane International Airport, Jarod and Bron came in to see us to discuss their upcoming wedding. We discussed their plans over a cup of coffee and they decided to book one of our album packages and an e-shoot.

The day of the wedding approached and what an amazing day it was. Perfect blue skies, gentle breezes and calm water lapping the shore. The boys were photographed first and they were a whole lot of laughs. Jarod along with his brother and a few close friends were enjoying Jarod's last moments as a single man in the penthouse apartment at the Bluewater Point Resort. The boys had a quiet night before so they were refreshed and ready to go for the long day ahead.

Over to the girls who were staying in the same resort and Bron was looking fantastic even though she was still dressed casual. Bron had her mother, sister, daughter and brother with her helping her get ready and spending time with her in the lead up to the ceremony. This was a great supportive group and we had a few laughs while shooting them adding the finishing touches.

The ceremony was a simple civil service held on the beach in front of Montegos on the Bay at Kawana Island with all friends and family gathered in close giving a rather intimate feel to the event. It went of without a hitch and Jarod and Bron were then husband and wife.

With a shorter time than usual allotted to location photos, we headed to a luxury boat owned by a friend of their family and took some photos of the lovely couple. The location was cosy and enticing and called out for something a little more daring than usual. Jarod and Bron were smokin' hot and knew just how to work the camera.

Jarod and Bron met while both working as Virgin Blue flight attendants. We just love the cake!

Congratulations to Bron and Jarod.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Savvy Studios - Our Day Off

Last week, Alex and I decided to take a day off and head into the Ekka. I have been to the Ekka with my family every year since I was a little girl and always look forward to this time of year with great excitement. I love the colours and the atmosphere as well as the masses of junk food on offer. Alex and I arrived there early to avoid the crowds which meant we had a chance to take photos without being bumped around.

Here are a few of the shots that we took, 'just for fun'.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Savvy Studios - The Wedding of Miranda & Matt, 16th August 2008.

After having the pre-wedding shoot earlier in the week, Miranda and Matt were both completely at ease in front of the camera on the day of their wedding.

The celebrant was a family friend who has known Miranda since she was a young girl and it made for a delightful and light hearted ceremony. The reception was elegant and stylish with the entertainment provided by the ever popular, 'Tuffy'. The entire event was held at the Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast.

Alex and second shooter Matt, took over 1500 photos on the day as there were countless opportunities to be had with many great locations within close proximity. It was also fantastic to have such a happy loving couple willing to step in front of the camera and trust Alex and Matt to capture the magic of their day. These are just a small selection of their images...

Congratulations to Miranda and Matt.