Sunday, February 28, 2010

Boudoir Photography in Brisbane? Yes, we can!

In the past I have photographed a few very brief boudoir sessions with brides on their wedding day. The photos are for, "the groom's eyes only" so it's not really the sort of thing I can blog or show to other clients. This left me in a little quandry; I can shoot boudoir but I don't have the work to show other people so it's a little difficult for people to decide to book me to shoot their boudoir images.

So I made a decision - I was going to find a group of ladies who were all willing to let me shoot them in various styles and allow me to use their images to promote my boudoir work.

When looking for ladies for the shoot, I wanted women who were all different but still 'real'. Not all women are size eight, 6ft tall and blonde so it's not realistic for me to shoot models that look like this. I had six fantastic 'real' models lined up... then disaster struck. Three models called in late to say they couldn't make the shoot. After a last minute facebook campaign I found two stand-ins from my friends (Thanks Justine and Kirsty) and the last stand in had no idea she was going to model until she walked in the door. She was chaperoning another girl and I said to her, "Do you want to get your gear off?" and she answered, "YES!".

One large hotel suite, one hairdresser - the fabulous Lucinda, one make-up artist - my awesome friend Paula from Humankind, one photographer - me, and six lovely ladies.

Boudoir essentially means, "a woman's private room", so 'boudoir photos' can cover any sort of 'intimate' image of a woman. It's a broad genre that if handled poorly can come off looking trashy. I wanted to avoid that at all costs. First and foremost, I wanted the images ALL to be sexy without being tacky or tasteless

We all had a great night with lots of laughs. I got to play around with 'boudoir' in a variety of styles from dark and moody, to classic, to pin-up, to fun and cute (and even a nude photo thrown in).

A huge thanks goes to Katey, Kass, Johanna, Amanda, Justine and Kirsty. You were all amazing and lots of fun to work with.

**Viewer discretion advised**

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pheobe - Six Weeks Old

A few years ago I had a boss that I just couldn't work with. We started out on the wrong foot and it all went downhill from there. Suddenly, and it really was a bolt out of the blue, we found some common ground and the next thing you know, I am calling this boss one of my best friends.

Don't get me wrong, we still had issues working together but on a personal level things were great! Luckily I chose to leave that job but I still have my awesome friend.

Knowing Sandra the way that I do, I just couldn't imagine her being a mum. Not that I ever thought she'd be a bad mum; far from it! I just couldn't imagine a time in her life that she'd say, "Yep. I'm going to have a kid."

However fate often holds other plans for us and last year Sandra was surprised with an unexpected pregnancy and along came little Pheobe. Pheobe was born on Christmas eve and she is truly one of the most divine babies I've ever photographed.

And Sandra is an awesome mum!

To my gorgeous friend. You've kept me sane many times in the past and I know I don't get to see you as often as I would like but I just want to let you know that I appreciate your straight talking, no-nonsense demeanour... even if I didn't like you being my boss.

You cooked a beautiful baby and these photos are a gift from me for all the times you have been a wonderful friend. Congratulations on the birth of such a perfect baby girl and I hope you like these photos.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jo and Richard - 16th of January

After Alex shot Jo and Richard's engagement session he came home and immediately said, "These guys are awesome! They're going to be alot of fun on their wedding day."

Even with a huge upheaval to personal circumstances just prior to the wedding, both Jo and Richard were radiant and only had eyes for each other. I think their smiles just light up their images in every shot. Jo's dress was amazing and Richard looked rather dapper and together they were perfect.

Congratulations to you both Jo and Richard and we can't wait to catch up with you soon. We hope you enjoy this little peek at your images.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Jacinda and Cliff - 6th of February

Jacinda and Cliff decided to rent a gorgeous private residence in the Gold Coast hinterland as the location of their wedding ceremony and reception. The home was stunning and the location was truly magnificent however, there is one things that the Gold Coast hinterland has plenty of; and that is rain.

Alex tells me this is the wettest and foggiest wedding he has ever shot at. There were a few quick dashes outside for photos when the rain eased but for most of the day it was pouring.

And there's nothing wrong with that! Rain adds something magical to the mood of the photos. Beautiful people, beautiful location, great atmosphere provided by low lying cloud then fireworks to top it off. It doesn't get any better!

Congratulations on your marriage Jacinda and Cliff. We hope you enjoy this peek at your wedding images.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Newest Little Nephew...Welcome to Caleb

A few weeks ago I dragged my brother and my sister-in-law out for a maternity session. It's only natural that this is followed up with a newborn session.

I was going to be at the birth to take photos, but Caleb had other ideas and arrived a little too fast for me to even be called. Great news for his mum but not so great news for me. I'll have to camp out on their lawn the next time they have a little one.

So here is little two and a bit day old Caleb. Gorgeous and a little cross-eyed.


Caleb's newborn images

Caleb's newborn images

Caleb's newborn images

Caleb's newborn images

Caleb's newborn images

Caleb's newborn images

And because I'm a typical big sister and every photoshoot needs an out-take...

"What is this little crying thing?!"

what is this crying thing?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Levi's Newborn Session

Michelle had been to see me for her maternity photos and I have to admit I was a little excited to meet baby Levi.

He was simply beautiful and at nearly 6 weeks old he was very strong and also very curious about everything that was happening.

Welcome to the world little Levi!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Katie and Michael - Hunter Valley - 10th January 2010

Our working holiday took us even further south to the beautiful Hunter Valley region of NSW. Michael was getting ready with the boys at his family home and it was great to see the comraderie between him and his brother. Michael's parents were also fantastic and we even managed to convince them to bring out their wedding album for a little look. It was brilliant and made the perfect backdrop to the shot of the wedding rings together (and mum and dad were a bit of alright too).

After a few laughs with the boys and meeting the horses, it was time to meet up tiwh the girls. It was a very hot day in the Hunter Valley so at the point we arrived the girls were taking refuge under the airconditioning. Katie looked stunning and the girls finished it all off by surprising Katie with the gift of an inscribed silver bangle. As we headed outside we all took notice of a massive storm front that was rapidly climbing the ranges. It provoked a few looks of, "uh oh - it's going to rain"; but for us it became a great opportunity for unique bridal shots.

St Patrick's church in Cessnock is easily one of the most quaint churches we have been into; and lucky for us we have another wedding there in a couple of weeks! The grounds are beautiful and the church itself has a very intimate ambience. It really was the perfect backdrop for Katie and Michael's ceremony.

After the ceremony we shot some photos in the church gardens and it really was like Katie and Michael were 16 year old teenagers who had just started dating. Several times we were about to ask them to kiss and we didn't have to; they were already well ahead of us! Needless to say, we have lots and lots of photos of them kissing and looking at each other with puppy dog eyes.

The reception was held at the Hunter Resort where the food was great and we got to party on a bit and take some photos of the very enthusiastic first dance (and more). The first dance was a lively number for sure. Katie and Michael lit up the dancefloor!

Congratulations on your marriage Katie and Michael and we hope you like your sneak peek!