Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Wedding of Renee and Nick - 22nd of November, 2008

I was back out shooting with Alex again for Renee and Nick's wedding day and I was excited to get to experiment with my new lens at a wedding. First stop was with the boys who were getting ready at Renee and Nick's cute little townhouse in Auchenflower. We arrived to find three very relaxed boys lounging around watching Billy Connelly and that quickly set the tone for the hour ahead. The lame (and somewhat naughty) jokes were flying thick and fast and the boys soon opened up about various nicknames and traditions. Apparently an 'upside down' photo is a must and we were more than willing to shoot it.

We bid the boys farewell and made our way to the girls who were getting ready in Renee's parent's lovely apartment with views up the river toward the city. It was a light hearted and jovial mood that the girls all shared when applying finishing touches and getting into the nitty gritty of having photos taken. Renee surprised her father with a pair of cufflinks and I think the moment caused most of us there to tear up a little. When we all collected ourselves, the girls proved that they are all fantastic models and played up to the camera and Kirsty the junior bridesmaid almost managed to steal the show. Renee however, looked radiant and kept everything simply elegant and it came together perfectly.

The wild weather that has been hitting Brisbane made a small dent on Renee and Nick's day with strong winds causing a few last minute changes in plans. The ceremony was going to be held outdoors at the Riverside Hotel however there were wild winds whipping through quite frequently so it was decided to move the ceremony indoors. This made little difference to the day as Nick and Renee were focused only on each other. There was a great personal touch added when Renee's close friend Morgan serenaded the couple after the registry signing.

We headed to nearby photo locations in Newstead and then to the Powerhouse in New Farm where the obviously in love couple, along with the bridal party, worked the cameras. It is great when we get couples who love to ham it up and this time we had an entire bridal party!

Soon enough it was back to the reception and Renee and Nick had chosen the yummiest looking deserts for their 'cake' and the room was kept simple yet elegant in style. The 'secret squirrels' were added to the main table and looked very dapper in their wedding attire. After a few more photos we were soon ready to leave, but not before the bride and groom presented us with a little 'cake' each. We have to admit, not only did it look great, but it tasted great!

Congratulations Renee and Nick! We had a great time sharing your day with you and we can't wait to catch up soon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ellie and Colin, 14th November 2008

Occasionally, it is nice to be able to shoot weddings that are a little bit different and this wedding was different in it's simplicity and warmth. It was a double celebration as it was Colin's 5oth birthday and Ellie, after waiting patiently for ten years, finally got her man. This was a small and very intimate gathering of around 20 family and close friends held in Colin and Ellie's absolutley stunning Balinese inspired backyard paradise.

The day was made all the more special by the surprise arrival of one of Colin's dearest friends, Marco, who had originally said that he wouldn't be able to attend. He flew in from Perth on the morning of the wedding and when he entered the front door with his partner, Colin and Marco greeted each other with a big bear hug and Colin shed a couple of tears... although the tears may have been due to Marco's loud shirt.

The relaxed and friendly ceremony was held under the Balinese hut with their guests gathered close around. A huge smile came across Ellie's face as the ring was slipped onto her finger and a very happy and gushing bride couldn't stop showing it off to her girlfriends after the ceremony.

All of Colin and Ellie's photos were taken in and around their beautiful home located in The Gap in Brisbane. Very sadly, the storms hit Brisbane just two days later and while the home survived, the garden no longer exists. Colin and Ellie were caught out under the Balinese hut together and had to take shelter under the daybed as the storm took hold and whipped the garden away around them. Luckily, Colin and Ellie are safe apart from bruising from heavy hail but it was very sad to hear of the devastation at such a beautiful location.

Our thoughts are with you both Colin and Ellie and we hope your home and garden will be magnificent again very soon. Alex thanks you for allowing him to share your warmth and friendliness on the day of your wedding and we wish you congratulations on your wedding day and birthday celebrations.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Wedding of Ingrid and Dale, 2nd November, 2008

The wedding of Ingrid and Dale was an intimate Sunday morning ceremony at Latrobe Chapel, shared by a great group of family and friends. Ingrid and Dale were beaming the entire time and light up the photos with their easy smiles.

We had a great time shooting around their reception venue, Restaurant II and in the lobby of The Stamford Hotel then into the Botanical Gardens.

Ingrid worked particularly hard on the floral arrangements including her own bouquet and the table settings. They were simple and elegant and perfect for the occasion and lots of lovely comments were made about them by the guests. Dale has a keen interest in photography and was enthusiastic about sharing his ideas that we happily included along the way.

Congratulations Ingrid and Dale.

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