Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jacob's First Official Photoshoot

A few of our regular followers might remember a maternity shoot from a couple of months ago featuring a very radiant mum and dad, Vanessa and Warren.

Vanessa and Warren welcomed little Jacob to the world and I was invited to their home to take his newborn photos.

At five weeks old, he's a little more alert than the typical newborn so 'posing' was kept to a minimum. Jacob is a beautiful and calm baby so shooting was made very easy as long as he wasn't moved around too much.

Congratulations to Vanessa and Warren on the arrival of your beautiful son. I can't wait to be invited into your lives again in the future to take photos of Jacob as he grows.


  1. Oh these are lovely. So natural and beautiful. Awesome stuff, and great looking bub and family.

  2. I know this couple, and you have done a wonderful shoot with their newborn. What gr8 photo's and such a beautiful baby - just like I thought they'd have. Cheers :)