Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vanessa and Warren - Maternity Photography

Vanessa is one of our all time favourite brides who has returned for her maternity shoot. She is always smiling and so radiant that she lights up a room.

Even heavily pregnant she is still walking her dogs regularly and keeping active so I knew I wanted to photograph her away from the studio... a bit of a change from my usual maternity images.

We came back to the studio and managed to convince Warren to get into the spirit of the shoot and show some skin along with Vanessa. These two are still as gorgeous together as they day they were married.

When it came to the tail end of the shoot, Vanessa was keen to try a tulle shot but told me she wasn't a, "girly-girl", so didn't want to be draped in it. We worked out an alternative as seen here in the slideshow.

Only a few more weeks until we meet the newest little Armstrong. I can't wait!


  1. Gorgeous! You just can't help but smile with such a beaming mum-to-be smiling back at you. You've captured that feeling beautifully.

  2. Love that last shot with the tulle - such a unique take on it.
    They look so lovely and happy together - I bet they'll make a wonderful mummy and daddy. Best wishes to them.