Monday, October 19, 2009

Sara and Jacob - 10th October 2009

Sometimes we are presented with a photographic challenge and we love to meet these challenges head on. Sara and Jake had requested from us as few posed photos as possible, keep a focus on their friends and family and scheduled us 30 minutes of photo time after the wedding to get all we needed to capture.

Usually our day involves Alex as 'primary shooter' who will set up scenes and give a couple direction ensuring he captures the shots that are the must-have images, and I am usually in the 'second shooter' position and have the luxury of walking around the scene Alex has set up and capturing from a different angle or I even just get to sit back and wait for the moment a couple will relax and take the shots with the great natural smiles or the intimate looks at each other between Alex's shots.

However for Sara and Jake, both Alex and I were shooting mainly photo-journalistic style (with a few mildly directed scenes thrown in)... and we loved it! It was great to have a day where we were doing something sightly different with the challenge of a time limit added. Great fun :)

Sara looked absolutely stunning, Jake couldn't wipe the smile from his face and all the little details that went into this day were perfect; from the three different yet complimentary maids' dresses, the variety of flowers used through all the bouquets and also the table settings, the venue and the entertainment. It all came together perfectly and then there were speeches that were all heartfelt, sincere, warm and outright hilarious.

Congratulations to Sara and Jake for inviting us to be a part of your day and we hope you enjoy this small selection of your images.


  1. Stunning... the bride looked divine... they will love these!

  2. Stunning shots. I love how you captured the various details in the dress. The shot with the city in the background is fantastic.

  3. looks like an awesome day for all!!!!

  4. Oh my - so stunning! Makes me want to get married again (to my darling husband of course lol). Wonderful work!