Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Newest Little Niece... newborn photos

This is a special shoot for me. I'm one of five children and before this year, between my brothers and sister, there were seven grandchildren and only one of them was a girl. I'm the biggest producer of boys in the family having four of my own. However this year saw the girls making a comeback. I had two neices born in March and April named Amaya and Tiffany then my sister found out she was pregnant with her long awaited baby girl.

Mariska has two older brothers, my oldest nephew Alex who is nearly 18 and my chatterbox nephew, Craig, who has just turned seven. My sister has always wanted a little girl so this was a case of third time lucky for her.

This session took place in my mother's very dark house using natural light only. It was a bit of a challenge.

So here is my newest and very gorgeous niece, Mariska with her brothers and her mother...

My youngest brother and his fiance are the next in the queue with a baby due in January. Boy or girl, time will tell...


  1. Beautiful! Love the shot of her older brothers looking adoringly down at her.

  2. She is gorgeous, her eyes are amazing!