Saturday, October 11, 2008

Savvy Studios: McLean Family Portraits

A couple of Sundays ago, Alex and I had the pleasure of photographing portraits for the McLean family made up of Anthony, Rhiannon, Boston and Jordana. I was thrilled to go out on this shoot as this was a return client. The last time I saw them I photographed Boston when he was just two months old. Wow the time has gone so fast! He is now a cheeky and active five year old about to start prep in the new year.

We all headed to New Farm park so the kids could play and have a good time. I felt like a bit of a stalker (trailing the kids with my camera while Alex went off and photographed Rhiannon and Anthony), but the kids thought it was great and every so often they would turn around and give me a smile and throw me a random pose. Rhiannon and Anthony soon joined in and we got some great shots of the whole family. Jordana was also happy to play fairy just for me. She was a great little model and played up to the camera perfectly.

The day ended on a happy note with the kids being treated to ice cream by their mum and dad. It was great to see that the kids enjoyed themselves and had such a great time playing in front of the camera.


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