Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Portrait Session at Cleveland - October 2008

The day of this portrait shoot rolled around and the morning was gray and miserable after a night of heavy rain. We were thinking of postponing the shoot but the rain held off and by midday the clouds started to clear. By the time we arrived at Cleveland for the shoot and met up with Carmen, Josh and their two gorgeous boys, we knew we were heading for a spectacular sunset.

We wanted the kids to feel at ease in front of the camera so we let them loose on the play equipment while we walked around and took a few shots. Tyson was loving it and very soon he was stopping every now and then to throw us some big smiles. We took our cue from the boys and decided to capture them all while the boys were enjoying themselves.

As the sun started to set, we went to the boat ramp on the western side of the point and started taking some photos there. The sky was like an artist's canvas and was lit up with rich golden tones and the wind was blowing us all around giving a dramatic atmosphere to the images.

The last couple of photos were captured when the sun finally dipped below the horizon leaving the sky with an array of warm pink and purple tones.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon of shooting at one of our favourite locations and we are sure the boys must have slept well that night after all the activity during the shoot. They were fantastic even when it started to get a bit chilly from the onshore winds.


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