Monday, August 17, 2009

School Daze - Caricatures

These images were a part of a concept shoot I photographed back in April. I wanted to make a caricature of the classroom stereotypes that we've all been exposed to at one point or another.

The children on this shoot were not models. They are students at the school that my two sons attend (my sons are 'class clown', 'nerd' and 'messy kid' ). ALL of the children were amazing and a whole lot of laughs.

Remember to check out the expressions on the faces of this kids in the background. Some of them are truly brilliant.


Class Clown (Part One)
The Class Clown (Part Two) - School Daze

Class Clown (Part Two)
The Class Clown (Part One) - School Daze

The Bookworm - School Daze

Note Passers
The Note Passers - School Daze

Over Achiever
The Over Achiever - School Daze

Cool Kid
The Cool Kid - School Daze

The Nerd - School Daze

The Bully - School Daze

Messy/Smelly Kid
The Messy & Smelly Kid - School Daze

Popular Girls
The Popular Girls - School Daze

Teacher's Pet
The Teacher's Pet - School Daze

The Jock(ette) - School Daze

and this last image is already on the blog a few posts earlier. It was a Silver award winner at this year's APPAs.

The Dunce - School Daze *award winning print*


  1. lol they are fantastic Alicia!

  2. Absolutely awesome! I had to show them to my husband as well... Just amazing!

  3. Well done, I love that tonal HDR look about them. Telling a real story in a photograph is hard and you do this so well.

  4. Gob smacking Alicia :))