Saturday, February 7, 2009

Family Portrait Session - Hobart, Tasmania

In the last week of January I was fortunate enough to travel to Hobart for a family portrait session. I'd never been to Tassie before so Belinda (our client) volunteered to play host to me on my first day there and took me to see a few sites.

I wasn't officially shooting this day but I took my camera with me as I do love being a tourist. We went up Mt Wellington where this hot blooded Queenslander was ill-prepared for the cold of the alpine region. As cold as I was I enjoyed my time up there with the winds blowing hard and whipping our hair around everywhere. Little Edison was such a bubbly and happy baby that I couldn't resist grabbing the camera and taking some photos of him and mum enjoying the sites.

On the way back down, Belinda drove back to the city via the Cascade Brewery where Edison was allowed out to stretch his legs and get aquainted with the grasses on offer. Again, I couldn't resist such a face and took a few more photos.

That night was the first night I had spent totally alone in over two years; a rare luxury when you have a loving partner and four kids. I made use of this night to treat myself to a steak dinner at Salamanca before heading back to the hotel to watch the tennis and sleep in a very comfortable kingsize bed all by myself. Heaven.

The next morning I was up bright and early for the official portrait shoot. We headed to the convict steps that run up an alley just off Salamanca. The lighting was perfect, the family were fantastic and the dogs were well behaved. After a bit of shooting we headed off to Kingston Beach to allow the dogs to have a run and take a few more photos. The weather was a bit iffy but we managed to time the beach shoot just right and missed the rain.

I'd like to thank Belinda for her hospitality on my stay in Hobart. I loved visiting and thoroughly enjoyed shooting over the two days I was there. Enjoy your photo slideshow. :)


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