Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Our Latest Family Portrait Session

It's not often that I get the chance to shove Alex out of the way and shoot all alone but when Katie came in with her family to have their portraits photographed, I decided that I needed to kick him out and do my thing (and have a bit of fun). I just love pregnancy photos and the pregnancy glow that radiates from most women at this time of their lives. It is so much fun to shoot.

Little Ollie wasn't so keen on having his photo taken so we all worked around his needs and ended up with some quite endearing photos of him 'refusing' to take part. He is just such a gorgeous child I don't think it would matter how he was photographed as he would still make a great subject. Luckily by the end of the shoot, he was happy to show me where mummy's baby was.

Katie only has a couple of weeks to go now... stay tuned for baby photos a short trip down the track!


  1. Alicia I really can't thank you enough for the fantastic photos you took of our little family.

    I am so glad that we decided to get them done while I was pregnant. Even though I felt like a whale, you made me feel so comfortable and the end result is just stunning. We are only pregnant for a relatively short time in our lives, so to have that time captured so beautifully is priceless.

    I had tears in my eyes when I first looked at them and now I can't stop looking at them! I know that you put in hours of work to make us all look so amazing and we will cherish these photos forever.

    Thanks again,
    Brian, Katie, Ollie and TBA.

  2. These are such a terrific series of photos - you have captured the emotion so beautifully and have invited the viewer into the photos to share that emotion. It is clear that the subjects are relaxed with their photographer.