Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Wedding of Louise and Craig, 29th November.

Louise and Craig originally hail from England so their friends and family travelled from far and wide to be a part of their day... and what a day it was with some wild weather thrown in for good measure as a fitting introduction to Queensland's unpredictable summer.

Both the bride and groom took the opportunity to use the facilities that, The Villa, at Nerang has to offer and made use of the well outfitted dressing rooms to get ready for the day ahead. Louise had chosen a very elegant dress for the occasion and it was admired by many. Craig and the boys were in good spirits and we headed to the lounge to shoot some images around the pool table and then headed outside into the steamy afternoon heat for a few more shots in and around the golf course.

The weather itself posed a few issues. The day started out clear, hot and muggy but with just 15 minutes to go before the ceremony (that was planned outdoors) a storm rapidly blew in over the hinterland. The wonderful staff at The Villa worked fast to move all the furnishings inside for an indoor ceremony. The ceremony went ahead a short time later indoors and it may not have been what the bride and groom had planned for but it was still a lovely and intimate affair and the staff were brilliant in setting it up so fast.

By the time the ceremony was over, the weather had cleared enough to venture out and shoot some location photos outdoors dodging random raindrops. Even with the weather trying to wash out their plans, Louise and Craig made it through the day unscathed and with smiles on their faces.

Congratulations, Louise and Craig, on your marriage and may the future bring you much joy and happiness.

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  1. congratulations:>

    belated best wishes have a happy new life together
    beautiful photographs
    god bless
    Uncle Dave Auntie Linda and family Uncle Stuart Auntie Sheila and family