Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Big News here at Savvy Studios

Yesterday afternoon while I was cuddling one of our sons, Alex got down on bended knee and proposed to me. It took a while for the 'yes' to come out (due to shock) but I got there in the end and I am now very happy to announce that we are engaged to be married.

So naturally the first question that people asked us wasn't, "when's the wedding?", it was, "so who is taking the photos?". At the moment we have no idea as we have a few extremely talented friends whose images we love and we need to work out what the heck we are doing!

However for the girls that seem to read this blog religously, I'll keep you updated. Photographers are one of the few people that see wedding days through from the very beginning to the very end so we keep a few ideas up our sleeves from each wedding we go to. I guess this means you will actually get to see who our recommended suppliers are in reality!

At this point I can safely say that I already have my lovely maid of honour who is also the most incredible make-up artist in the freaking universe. Paula from Humankind who I was fortunate enough to befriend back in 2002 through the industry (I was blown away with the work that she did and ended up talking to her about it and then that turned into, 'let's catch up later' and now she is my best friend in the world.) Love you Paula and I was over the moon when you said yes to being by my side.

As to the question of, "when's the wedding?", we should have an answer for that very soon. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. hi Alicia & Alex

    Congratulations on your wedding announcement... If you want to keep the cost of your photos down feel free to borrow the polaroid! and just to let you know...Harvey Norman are doing a special until Christmas....12c a print. We will keep stalking the blog for updates.

    Ingrid & Dale (2 November 2008)