Sunday, November 1, 2009

A New Beginning - Birth Photography

A few days ago Carmen contacted me asking if I would photograph the impending birth of her son. Birth photography is one of my favourite things - it is a time in a woman's life when she is most vulnerable yet also most powerful. I obviously jumped at the chance and chatted to Carmen about her due dates (another week away) and all the little details.

Just two nights later as I jumped into bed I received the phonecall to say her waters had broken and I was off to Ipswich Hospital for the big event.

I arrived at emergency at the same time as Carmen, her mother Bev and her sister Gretchen. We all made the trek to the bith suites together to wait and see what happened.

Carmen ended up sleeping for a bit with her sister close by her side. She soon hopped up to go to the bathroom and ended up staying in there until the birth of her perfect little son a couple of hours later. The high pressure shower head and gas were the only pain relied used. A huge thumbs up has to go to Gretchen also who was everything a support person should be and more - she barely left her sister's side the whole time.

Please enjoy this birth slideshow. It runs for 8 min 34 sec so you might want to grab a coffee.

Thank you to Carmen for allowing me to document this most amazing part of your life and congratulations on the birth of your not so little man.

*no graphic birth pictures are included*


  1. What an incredibly moving experience. I feel privileged to share in such an experience.

  2. Congrats Carmen on the birth of your beautiful boy!
    Another fantastic job Alicia...Well Done xx

  3. I cried through the whole thing. How special, thanks for sharing and CONGRATS xxx

  4. Awwwh totally perfect. I know she will treasure these!

    Congrats Carmen!

  5. Such an amazing experience, and captured so wonderfully! Congrats Carmen!

  6. Wow Wow Wow - combining 2 of my favourite things. I love good photography and birth (am also a midife at Ipswich Hospital). What a gorgeous job you did and what truelly magical memories you have shared.

  7. This is so movingly wonderful. Big congrats to a new mum who makes it look serene and (almost) easy!

  8. Wow, this was really moving. You captured this beautifully and tastefully.

  9. so moving - I felt like I was there .. made me cry ..