Sunday, September 6, 2009

Kristy and Luke, August 29th 2009

Kristy and Luke So as the girls went off to South Stradbroke Island, the boys, Alex and Matt, went to photograph their groom, Luke, at Bellbird Park and their bride, Kristy, at the Stamford Plaza Hotel in Brisbane city. The boys were in high spirits and the girls looked fantastic however there was a hiccup... the limo was an hour late picking up Kristy!

Everyone soon made their way to Sirromet Winery for an elegant lakeside wedding, albeit a little bit later than planned. The ceremony included a, 'champagne ceremony' for the couple as a part of the proceedings. With limited sunlight the wedding party headed off into the winery grounds for their location photos.

Thanks again to Matt for heading out for the weekend with Alex and congratulations to Kristy and Luke.