Monday, July 13, 2009

Lighting - Mini Workshop Held In Sydney

On the weekend of the 26th - 29th of June, PMA was held in Sydney. PMA is a huge photographic and imaging show that also incorporates the judging of the national photo awards. Photographers from all corners of the country and even overseas, come together at PMA to check out the latest gear, watch the judging of images from some of the finest photographers in the world, meet up with old friend and maybe join in a workshop or two.

Alex and I organised a mini lighting workshop for 16 other photographers. The workshop was an intorduction to off-camera flash techniques, video light and other alternative lighting sources when natural light just isn't an option. With a keen group of photographers and our amazing model, Mel, we explored the lighting in hotel corridors, light from street lamps, back-lit billboards and more.

The results from the workshop speak for themselves... (there is even a photo in here of the group taking photos ;) )

Thank you to the following photographers for allowing me to use their images on our blog:

Melanie Kellermann Photography, Woollongong, NSW
Sally Williams Photography, Newcastle, NSW
Lyn Walkerden Photography, Sydney, NSW
NaomiV Photography, Brisbane, Qld
Sweet Chilli Philly Photography, Adelaide, SA
Jackie Cooper Photography, Sydney, NSW
Danielle Stahl Photography, Darwin, NT

**More workshops are being planned. Watch this space!**


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