Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Wedding of Julie and Wade, 3rd May 2009

Sunday morning started out a bit overcast and as we packed our gear we made sure we had the umbrella ready to go. We hit the road keeping an eye on the gray threatening skies and a few times we even saw rain on the horizon. Amazingly though, the rain held off for Julie and Wade giving them perfect photography conditions.

It was obvious on our arrival that Julie and Wade had put alot of effort into ensuring their day was perfect and the little details paid off. The pre-wedding shoots with both the boys and the girls were alot of fun and Julie was a willing bride and happy to have some tasteful 'boudoir' shots of her in her lingerie.

The location for the ceremony was so simple yet elegantly decorated and included so many great ideas. The live music on the beach gave such a wonderful energy to the celebration and it was nice to sit back and see so many of the guests enjoying the atmosphere, music and drinks on the beach. Everyone seemed to be smiling and laughing the whole time. What a great vibe for a wedding!

After a few shots with Taylor (Julie and Wade's beautiful little son), the bridal party climbed into the immaculately restored Kombi Vans to head off for the location photos. Julie and Wade had the absolute best conditions for this part of the shoot with dramatic skies, a little bit of wind whipping around and luckily the onshore breezes weren't too cold. It all added up to a colourful sunset increasing in intensity as the sun went down.

The gorgeous couple were just fantastic to work with and full of laughs as were the entire bridal party. We particularly enjoyed the "chants" of the boys to the girls and vice versa. I think the chanting also managed to get most of the onlookers laughing along with the bridal party.

What a great day out with a very loving and fun couple and their equally lovely bridal party. Congratulations to Julie and Wade!


  1. What a gorgeous couple!! These are beautiful Alicia, fantastic location too. Lots of favourites in there, especially the one where they are mirrored in the water. Great work :)

  2. Wow these are stunning Alicia, beautiful bride, glorious colours and I love your compositions.. Great work..

  3. I agree with the above! What stunning photos! I would be thrilled to bits if these were my wedding photos - every one is amazing.

  4. wowee, those colours are AMAZING! What a gorgeous, gorgeous couple. fantastic photos, Alicia.....fantastic work