Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ellie and Colin, 14th November 2008

Occasionally, it is nice to be able to shoot weddings that are a little bit different and this wedding was different in it's simplicity and warmth. It was a double celebration as it was Colin's 5oth birthday and Ellie, after waiting patiently for ten years, finally got her man. This was a small and very intimate gathering of around 20 family and close friends held in Colin and Ellie's absolutley stunning Balinese inspired backyard paradise.

The day was made all the more special by the surprise arrival of one of Colin's dearest friends, Marco, who had originally said that he wouldn't be able to attend. He flew in from Perth on the morning of the wedding and when he entered the front door with his partner, Colin and Marco greeted each other with a big bear hug and Colin shed a couple of tears... although the tears may have been due to Marco's loud shirt.

The relaxed and friendly ceremony was held under the Balinese hut with their guests gathered close around. A huge smile came across Ellie's face as the ring was slipped onto her finger and a very happy and gushing bride couldn't stop showing it off to her girlfriends after the ceremony.

All of Colin and Ellie's photos were taken in and around their beautiful home located in The Gap in Brisbane. Very sadly, the storms hit Brisbane just two days later and while the home survived, the garden no longer exists. Colin and Ellie were caught out under the Balinese hut together and had to take shelter under the daybed as the storm took hold and whipped the garden away around them. Luckily, Colin and Ellie are safe apart from bruising from heavy hail but it was very sad to hear of the devastation at such a beautiful location.

Our thoughts are with you both Colin and Ellie and we hope your home and garden will be magnificent again very soon. Alex thanks you for allowing him to share your warmth and friendliness on the day of your wedding and we wish you congratulations on your wedding day and birthday celebrations.


  1. For the record... the day was the best day of my life. My wedding to the beautifull Ellie and my 50th birthday to boot.
    You may be aware our joy was soon turned upside down when the "Big Storm" hit Te Gap on the Sunday afternoon. Ellie and I were in the Balinese hut when it struck and sought refuge beneath the day bed. Fortunately our house and ourselves are ok... the beuatiful garden, was destroyed. Thanks to Alex, we have the amazing photo's to bring back the memories of the great day.

    Alex. You are the man. I thank you from the deepest part of my heart.


  2. Love the photos! You both looked great (well you looked alright Col...)

    Sorry to hear about your garden. At least it didn't happen a week or so earlier. I know how much effort you put into that hut and how much you enjoyed it!

    Congratulations to you both. I'm having a Carlsberg to toast you.

    Calvin, Nic and Henry

  3. Great video and photos. Loved them. Sorry was not able to fly over to Bribane to be part of your momentous occasion. Sorry to hear about the garden, it was interesting to hear you talk about the cinnamon and curry leaves, it reminded me of KL and your cooking instincts. :)
    Take Care and have a great life ahead.

    Hridesh, Chris & Hrimann.

  4. great pictures, great garden, great couple. Stay happy and well, cheers, Andrew Sinclair.