Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Savvy Studios - The Wedding of Miranda & Matt, 16th August 2008.

After having the pre-wedding shoot earlier in the week, Miranda and Matt were both completely at ease in front of the camera on the day of their wedding.

The celebrant was a family friend who has known Miranda since she was a young girl and it made for a delightful and light hearted ceremony. The reception was elegant and stylish with the entertainment provided by the ever popular, 'Tuffy'. The entire event was held at the Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast.

Alex and second shooter Matt, took over 1500 photos on the day as there were countless opportunities to be had with many great locations within close proximity. It was also fantastic to have such a happy loving couple willing to step in front of the camera and trust Alex and Matt to capture the magic of their day. These are just a small selection of their images...

Congratulations to Miranda and Matt.

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  1. Beautiful photos Alex, you have captured Matt and Miranda's wedding day in a skillfull, artistic and playfull way. I am now really looking forward to seeing the photos you will take at my wedding in November.
    Regards Ellie Wagner