Thursday, July 17, 2008

Savvy Studios - Photos For Charity and the Other Things We Do

Recently we were asked if we would donate our twin babies and our photographic services to a greater cause... SIDS and Kids Qld. SIDS is a very serious issue and with two young babies we are always aware of the risks of incorrect sleeping methods. There are many things parents can do to reduce the risk of death for their little ones and with research discovering new things all the time, hopefully SIDS will one day be a thing of the past.

SIDS and Kids Qld needed a set of twins to photograph to show how to sleep them correctly in the same cot. We were happy to oblige and donate photographic services also.

Little Ewan and Angus are now the new twin-sleeping poster kids. The posters will be printed and put into hospitals throughout Queensland.

Last weekend we were invited to photograph the Cocker Spaniel Club of Qld's championship show. I have been showing dogs all my life and was asked to come along and take the photos as a favour. The night prior to the show, the club held a fundraising dinner with items going to auction. Savvy Studios donated a studio photo shoot for two dogs... and it ended up being one of the more hotly contested items on the agenda and sold at auction for the full value. That was a pleasant surprise and I am sure the successful bidder will love her photos.

By the end of the night and after a few drinks, Alex got into the spirit of things and bid on Cocker Spaniel salt and pepper shakers and a Cocker Spaniel jigsaw puzzle. We won both of them. Sad to say though, I didn't realise the shakers were wrapped in a blanket and when we arrived home I dropped one and broke its foot. Hopefully it will repair easily. These shakers are the ugliest things ever but a nice reminder of a good night out and a couple of drinks too many.

On the day of the show, all the dogs looked fabulous and it ended up being a great day. Not too hot, not too cold and many happy exhibitors. Photos should be uploaded to the viewer later today.


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