Saturday, June 28, 2008

Savvy Studios - Our Favourite Photos

Welcome to the first post. As an introduction to Savvy Studios, Alex and I have decided to share our absolute favourite images with you. They may not be our 'best' images but these are the shots that stick in our minds after shooting many jobs over the years. There may be a story behind them or it could have just been a 'lucky' capture, but for some reason; these images remains firm favourites.

My (Alicia's) favourite images:

My all time favourite image is a photo of my oldest son taken when he was four years old. We were in the middle of the bush watching a mountain biking event when he started clowning around. He ran up to me and 'roared' at me just as I pressed the shutter button.

The camera was an old film Pentax SLR with a dodgy lens but to me, this image is perfect in every way. This was also the first image to win me an award. A silver at the Qld AIPP awards in the portrait category (2004).

This next one is a photo taken at Redcliffe, north of Brisbane. It was a very cold and windy afternoon and both Alex and I were shooting and trying to get out of there as quick as possible as everyone was freezing. This image was taken as Alex was setting the bride up for another photo. He had asked her to rearrange her dress and I noticed the strong lines down her body and flowing along the fabric and I captured this image. It's a bit dark as I wasn't set to take a photo at that instant but I didn't want to miss such a natural and beautiful shot.

Lucky last of my images. I love this image as it shows the joy, love and fun between a bride and groom on their day - everything a wedding should be about. This was captured at Darling Harbour in Sydney.

These may not be three of my very best, but there is something about each of them that I just love. I guess they 'speak' to me long after the day has passed and this is something I try to produce for every client. Images that they will love and cherish long after the camera has been put away.

Alex's favourite images coming soon...


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